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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Weston, Mass. Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Weston

State: MA

Start date: 1835-02-07

End date: 1835-02-07

Content: The Liberator of Feb 7, 1835 includes notice that inhabitants of Weston have formed an Anti-Slavery Society. Officers: Jotham Haven, Pres; Edwin Hobbs,VP; Lewis Gourgas, Sec; Claudius A. Haven, Treas; Counselors: Adolphus Bruce, Marshall Smith,Benjamin Thompson

Notable people involved: Jotham Haven
Edwin Hobbs
Lewis Gourgas
Claudius A. Haven
Adolphus Bruce
Marshall Smith
Benjamin Thompson

Citations: Liberator, Feb. 7, 1835

ID: 107