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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: State Abolition Convention for New York

City: Several Cities in New York


Start date: 1835-10-03

End date: 1835-10-03

Content: The Liberator, October 10, 1835 TO FRIENDS OF IMMEDIATE EMANCIPATION. There is a two column article calling for a State Convention to be held in the city of Utica, on October 21, for the purpose of forming a State Anti-Slavery Society. The article lists names of men from several cities:
Utica -- 19 men
Rome -- 11 men
Westmoreland -- 20 men
Clinton -- 5 men
New Hartford -- 6 men
Whitesboro -- 9 men

Reference to this Convention, also includes a note on page 3 which says the call for the Convention was signed by 362 men

Notable people involved:

Citations: Liberator, Oct 03, 1835

ID: 110