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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Female Anti-Slavery Society formed in Providence

City: Providence

State: RI

Start date: 1835-04-18

End date: 1835-04-18

Content: 106 Ladies signed the Constitution of the new Society in Providence. Officers: Mrs. Lucy Blain,First Directress; Mrs. Williams, Second Directress; Mrs. Sarah R. Simonson, Third Directress; Miss Anna Lockwood, Coresponding Sec; Mary C. Goss, Recording Sec; Mrs. Harriet L. Truesdell, Treas; and 13 other ladies as Managers.

Notable people involved: Mrs. Lucy Blain
Mrs. Williams
Mrs. Sarah R. Simonson
Miss Anna Lockwood
Mary C. Goss
Mrs. Harriet L. Truedell

Citations: Liberator, April 18, 1835

ID: 122