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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Boxborough forms Male and Female Anti-Slavery Societies

City: Boxborough

State: MA

Start date: 1835-06-02

End date: 1835-06-02

Content: The June 6, Liberator records the formation of a Male and Female Anti-Slavery Society, with 60 males and more than 100 females. Officers are elected for both the Male and Female branches.

Male Society Officers: Paul Hayward, Pres
Jasper Stone, Vice Pres
Samuel Hayward, Esq. Sec
Joel Whitcomb, Esq., Treas
Counselors: Rev. Joseph W. Cross, Ephraim Willy,
William Stevens, Ebenezer Hayward, Capt. Ephraim

Female Society Officers;: Mrs. Paul Hayward, Pres.
Mrs. Frances H.J. Cross, Vice Pres
Mrs. Ebenezer Hayward, Sec.
Mrs. Ephraim Whitcomb,Treas.
Collectors: Mrs. Oliver Davis, Miss Sarah H.
Graham, Miss Hannah W. Hayward

Signed: Joseph Warren Cross

Notable people involved: (see officers)

Citations: Liberator, June 2, 1835

ID: 126