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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Mass. Anti-Slavery Society expands

City: Plymouth

State: MA

Start date: 1835-07-11

End date: 1835-07-11

Content: After recounting happenings of the Fourth of July at Plymouth, the Liberator, July 11, 1835, pg 2, indicates expanding action. "Whereas the New England Anti-Slavery Society, to which this society was made auxiliary at its formation, having taken the name of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, it is Voted that hereafter this society shall be auxiliary to the Mass. Anti-Slavery Society. Officers chosen:
Rev. John Allen, Kingston, President
Vice Presidents:
Rev. E.G. Howe, Halifax
Col. A. Washburn, So. Bridgewater
Capt. N. Eddy, Middleborough
Mrs. Horatio G. Wood, Middleborough
Mrs. John Harlan, Plymouth
Secretary:George Russell, Kingston
Treasurer: Solomon Richmond, Plymouth
Rev. L.W. Clark, Plymouth
Mr. Edwin Morton, Plymouth
Mr. Timothy Berry, Plymouth
Mr. Comfort Bates, Plymouth
Mr. Seth Drew, Esq., Kingston

Notable people involved: Rev. John Allen
Rev. E.G. Howe
Col. A. Washburn
Capt. N. Eddy
Mrs. Horatio G. Wood
Mrs. John Harlan
George Russell
Solomon Richmond
Rev. L.W. Clark
Mr. Edwin Morton
Mr. Timothy Berry
Mr. Comfort Bates
Seth Drew

Citations: Liberator, July 11, 1835

ID: 130