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Author: Roberta Zonghi

Title: Lowell Anti-Slavery Society

City: Lowell

State: MA

Start date: 1839-01-20

End date: 1839-01-20

Content: Lucia Weston writes to her sister Deborah regarding meeting in Lowell where Orange Scott spoke.Rev. Scott Methodist minister in MA and RI joined the abolitionist movement in 1833 endeavoring to convert the Methodist conferences to abolition.

mentions the "peelers" have organized a new society.

ms letter dated 1839 - unknown month - 20

!!!!!!! Garth: note that we need to be able to enter uncertain/questionable or even partial dates. In this case we can read the day and year but not the month.

Notable people involved: Lucia Weston, 1822-1861
Deborah Weston, 1814-
John A Collins, 1810-
Oliver Johnson, 1809-
Orange Scott, 1800-1847

Citations: BPL-RBD Ms. A.

ID: 147