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Author: Roberta Zonghi

Title: Lowell Women's Anti-Slavery Society

City: Lowell

State: MA

Start date: 1845-12-21

End date: 1845-12-21

Content: H W Foster to MW Chapman requesting copy of BFASS constitution to help ladies in Lowell to form their own Anti-Slavery Society

Horatio W. Foster appears in the Lowell directories of 1844, 1845, 1849 and 1851 and with his family in the Lowell 1850 census ( Mass, Middlesex County, p. 327[v.]- as African American (mulatto)

FYI - two other letters at BPL by Horatio Foster both to Loring Moody : Ms. G.33.33 no.41 ( 4 May 1846) and no. 66 ( 15 Dec. 1846)

Notable people involved: Horatio W. Foster, 1816-
Maria Weston Chapman, 1804-1885

Citations: BPL-RBD Ms.A.

ID: 149