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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Hanover, and Cowper, Mass Anti-Slavery Societies formed

City: Hanover,Cowper

State: MA

Start date: 1836-01-30

End date: 1836-01-30

Content: 68 males, 67 Females formed a Society, as auxiliary to Mass ASS.
Pres: Rev.A.G. Duncan
Vice Pres: Rev Samuel Appleton
Sec: Rev. Robert B. Dickie
Treas: Alexander Woods, Esq.

Same article in Liberator mentions Formation of the Cowper ASS, also auxiliary to
Mass. ASS., with 15 male and 10 female members.
Pres: Nath'l Billings
Vice Pres: Hiram Welch
Sec: Stephen Vialle
Treas: Benjamin Leonard

Notable people involved: Rev.A.G. Duncan
Rev. Samuel Appleton
Rec. Robert B. Dickie
Alexander Woods, Esq.
Nath'l Billings
Hiram Welch
Stephen Vialle
Benjamin Leonard

Citations: Liberator, Jan 30, 1836,, pg 2

ID: 162