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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: 139 men Form of Lowell Young Men's Anti-Slavery Society

City: Lowell

State: MA

Start date: 1836-02-06

End date: 1836-02-06

Content: A Public Meeting in Lowell, in which 139 men form the Lowell Young Men's Anti-Slavery Society. Names are listed.

Pres: William Hall
Vice Presidents: J.B. Dinsmore
Stephen Goodhue
Rec. Sec: N.D. Healey
Cor. Sec: Samuel B. Brown
Treas: William H. Elmore
Exec Comm: Asa Healey
Madison Sweetser
S.C, Simonds
E. P. Offutt

Notable people involved: William Hall
J.B. Dinsmore
Stephen Goodhue
N.D. Healey
Samuel B. Brown
William H. Elmore
Asa Healey
Madison Sweetser
S.C. Simonds
E.P. Offutt

Citations: Liberator, Feb. 6, 1836, pg 1

ID: 164