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Author: Roberta Zonghi

Title: Friends of Impartial Freedom

City: Abington

State: MA

Start date: 1852-07-05

End date: 1852-07-05

Content: A broadside notice ofr "Grand pic-nic celebration at Island Grove, Abington"

Under direction of Mass Anti-Slavery Society. Signed in type: Francis Jackson, President and Edmund Quincy, Secretary. "Among the speakers...: Wendell Phillips, Wm Lloyd Garrison, Edmund QUincy, Parker Pillsbury, Stephen S. Foster, Abby K Foster, Miss Sallie Holley... Cha's L. Remonds and Nath'l H. Whiting."

Notable people involved: Sallie Holley, 1818-1893.
Abby Kelly Foster.
Charles L. Remond.
Nathaniel Whiting
Francis Jackson.
Edmund Quincy.

Citations: BPL-RBD XxbH.A852.F38 I an oversize broadside

ID: 185