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Author: Roberta Zonghi

Title: Nantucket Anti-Slavery Society

City: Nantucket

State: MA

Start date: 1839-07-12

End date: 1841-12-21

Content: Ms. letters from C Austin to Maria Weston Chapman-

notes that a new organization is being formed to take the place of the women's society and the old county society. Specific name not mentioned

other references to Nantucket involvement in Anti-Slavery movement and fairs.

Notable people involved: Maria Weston Chapman.
Charlotte Joy Austin

Citations: BPL-RBD Ms.A.9.2 vol. 11, no. 136, vol. 12, nos. 4, 11b, 47; vol. 14, nos.40 & 52. and Ms. A. 4.6A.1.39.

ID: 187