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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Groton Ladies' Anti-Slavery Society

City: Groton

State: MA

Start date: 1836-04-09

End date: 1836-04-09

Content: "I wish to present to the readers of your paper the preamble,containing principles which have excited to action, and led onward the Ladies' of this place to form a Society that they may 'be a kind, persuasive, moral influence, applied to the understanding and conscience of all', raise woman from 'the nameless woes , and all the bitter fruits of slavery ..." signed by Claudius B. Farnsworth, Sec., Feb. 22, 1836.
Pres: Mrs. Sarah Rugg
Vice Pres: Miss Betsey Capell
Cor. Sec: Miss Elizabeth Farnsworth
Rec. Sec: Miss Caroline Hartwell
Treas: Mrs. Abigail Hill

Notable people involved: Mrs. Sarah Rugg
Miss Betsy Capell
Miss Elizabeth Farnsworth
Miss Caroline Hartwell
Mrs. Abigail Hill
Claudius B. Farnsworth

Citations: Liberator, April 9, 1836, pg 3

ID: 191