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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Formation Anti-Slavery Society, So. Weymouth, MA

City: South Weymouth

State: MA

Start date: 1836-07-30

End date: 1836-07-30

Content: Anti-Slavery Society formed in So. Weymouth, MA., auxiliary to Mass ASS -- 86 members, of whom 80 are legal voters
Pres: Appleton Howe, MD
Vice Pres: Thomas Nash
Rec. Sec: Reed Blanchad
Cor. Sec: Jacob Loud, Jr.
Treas: Allen Vining
Directors: Jonathan Trufant, Robert Richards, Samuel Burrill, Benjamin Tirrel, Jr.

Notable people involved: Appleton Howe
Thomas Nash
Reed Blanchard
Jacob Loud, Jr.
Allen Vining
Jonathan Trufant
Robert Richards
Samuel Burrill
Benjamin Tirrell, Jr.

Citations: Liberator, July 30, 1836,pg 3

ID: 200