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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Another Female Anti-Slavery Society, East Bradford, MA

City: East Bradford

State: MA

Start date: 1836-10-15

End date: 1836-10-15

Content: This ASS formed October 3, with 75 women members.
Pres: Mrs. Gardner B. Perry
Vice Pres: Mrs. Wm. H. Bulch
Sec: Miss Ellen B. Ladd
Treas: Mrs. Frederick P. Chase
Managers: Mrs. John K. Sargeant, Miss Ann M. Morse, Miss Lois H. Bachelor, Miss Mary Jane Hovey, Miss Zelenda Tenney

Notable people involved: Mrs. Gardner B. Perry
Mrs. Wm. H. Bulch
Miss Ellen B. Ladd
Mrs. Frederick P. Chase
Mrs. John K. Sargeant
Miss Ann M. Morse
Miss Lois H. Bachelor
Miss Mary Jane Hovey
Miss Zelenda Tenney

Citations: Liberator, Oct 15, 1836, pg 3

ID: 203