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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Another Society, in Lyme, New Hampshire

City: Lyme

State: NH

Start date: 1836-12-24

End date: 1836-12-24

Content: A New Society formed Nov. 21, in Lyme, NH. An extract from a letter: "We have just formed an Anti-Slavery Society here in town, without meeting with any serious opposition. There was little rumming and sounding of tin horns and goose quills around the building where the meetings were held, which served to stimulate us, and convince us that our cause is a good one, for we do nnot believe the devil would send his understrappers to oppose his own work.." Signed, A.S.

Notable people involved:

Citations: Liberator, Dec 24, 1836, pg 1

ID: 207