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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Danvers ASS formed

City: Danvers

State: MA

Start date: 1837-03-24

End date: 1837-03-24

Content: A Society formed in Danvers, auxiliary to Mass ASS.
Pres: Isaac Winslow
Vice Presidents: Abner Sanger, Jess Putnam
Rec. Sec: John B. Pierce
Cor. Sec: Joseph Osgood
Treas: Eben S. Upton
Aud: Eben Hunt
Councillors: John Peabody, Richard Hood, Abel Nichols, Elias Savage

Notable people involved: Isaac Winslow
Abner Sanger
Jess Putnam
John B. Pierce
Joseph Osgood
Eben S. Upton
Eben Hunt
John Peabody
Richard Hood
Abel Nichols
Elias Savage


ID: 212