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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Duxbury Female Anti-Slavery Society

City: Duxbury

State: MA

Start date: 1838-04-27

End date: 1838-04-27

Content: At a meeting of a number of ladies of the town of Duxbury, at the Methodist Meeting House, April 17, it was mutally agreed to form a Female Anti-Slavery Society, with 50 members.
Pres: Mrs. Abigail Thomas
Vice Pres: Miss Rebecca Sampson
Treas: Mrs. Andrew Stetson
Cor. Sec: Mrs. Abigail D. Cook
Rec. Sec: Miss Mary B. Richards
Councilors: Mrs. John Holmes, Mrs. Joshua Drew, Miss Lucy Delano, Miss Sophia
Sprague, Mrs. Abigal West

Notable people involved: Mrs. Abigail Thomas
Miss Rebecca Sampson
Mrs. Andrew Stetson
Mrs. Abigail D. Cook
Miss Mary B. Richards
Mrs. John Holmes
Mrs. Joshua Drew
Miss Lucy Delano
Miss Sophia Sprague
Mrs. Abigail West

Citations: Liberator, April 27, 1838, pg 3

ID: 233