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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Quincy Awake -- new Society formed

City: Quincy

State: MA

Start date: 1838-09-28

End date: 1838-09-28

Content: Rev. Daniel Wise writes to William Lloyd Garrison. "This ancient and honored town, after a long and deep slumber on the absorbing question of abolition, has at length awaked. A few weeks since, the REv. Alanson St. Clair delivered a course of lectures, with the happiest effect at our Town Hall. During his lectures, a constitution was kept in diligent circulation, and at their close the signers organized themselves into a Society." 70 members

Pres: Mr. George Newcombe
Vice Pres: Mr. John Hardwick
Treas: Mr. Charles A. Cummings
Rec. Sec: Mr. George Baxter
Cor.Sec: Rev. Daniel Wise
Managers: Rev. Mr. Cornell, Mr. Albert Pratt, Mrs. Thomas Hardwick, Mr. Henry Barker, Mr.Ozias M. Pope

Notable people involved: George Newcombe
John Hardwick
Charles A.Cummings
George Baxter
Daniel Wise
Rev. Mr. Cornell
Albert Pratt
Mrs. Thomas Hardwick
Henry Barker
Ozias M. Pope

Citations: Liberator, September 28, 1838, pg 3

ID: 247