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Author: Cary Holmes

Title: The Natick Resolution

City: Natick

State: MA

Start date: 1859-11-20

End date: 1859-11-20

Content: A meeting attended by 800 persons at which the Rev. Henry C. Wright proposed:

"That it is the right and duty of the slaves to resist their masters, and the right and duty of the people of the North to incite them to resistance, and to aid them in it.”

The resolution did not pass although there was spirited debate. Henry Wilson attended this meeting but did not speak.

Notable people involved: Adams, William of Boston
Babcock, Rev.
Bacon, J. W.
Farwell, R. E.
Foster, S. S. of Worcester
George, Rev. N. D.
Mann, J. B.
Morse, E. C.
Rockwood, G. E.
Russell, Dr. (perhaps Dr. Ira Russell)
Sawin, G. L.
Smith, Rev.
Tyler, Rev. Charles M.
Walker, William H.
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, John O.
Wright, Rev. Henry C.

Citations: Natick Observer 1859-11-20
Life of Henry Wilson by Thomas Russell and Elias Nason (Boston, 1872)p. 268

ID: 82