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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: 90,000 women sign Emancipation petition

City: 22 States


Start date: 1864-01-29

End date:

Content: Here is a list of the number of signers to a petition for Immediate Emancipation, obtained by the Women's Loyal League,in different states. There is a total of 88,063 from Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Minnesota, West Virginia, Maryland, Kansas, Delaware, Nebraska, and Kentucky. A note says, "to this should be added 2,536 signers of the pledge of the League, total is 90,599. The members of the League may congratulate themselves on the good they have accomplished...."

Notable people involved:

Citations: Liberator, January 29, 1864, pg 3

ID: 8888888897