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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: New County Society formed, Nantucket

City: Nantucket

State: MA

Start date: 1839-12-06

End date:

Content: The Liberator reports formation of new County Society on June 28, 1839. Report says that it was resolved to form the new Society, because many of the old were only "nominal abolitionists" . Voted to form new including Women's Society. Beginning with only 50 members.
Pres: David Joy
Vice Presidents: Eliza Barney, Peter Macy, Alexander Robinson, Elizabeth G. Macy
Cor. Sec: Andrew M. Macy
Rec. Sec: Anna Gardner
Treas: oliver C. Gardner
Exec Comm: David Huntington, Susan Dow, Edward I. Pompey, Eunice C. Macy, Charlotte Austin

Notable people involved: David Joy
Eliza Barney
Peter Macy
Alexander Robinson
Elizabeth G. Macy
Andrew M . Macy
Anna Gardner
Olive C. Gardner
David Huntington
Susan Dow
Edward I. Pompey
Eunice C. Macy
Charlotte Austin


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