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Author: Cary Holmes

Title: Reverend Henry C. Wright Proposes The Natick Resolution

City: Natick

State: MA

Start date: 1859-11-24

End date: 1859-11-24

Content: The Natick Observer
November 24,1859

Henry C. Wright. This gentleman lectured to an overflowing house in this village on Sunday last. His remarks were upon a resolution which he submitted to the meeting, the substance of which was as follows:

“Whereas, resistance to tyrants is obedience to God, therefore, Resolved, That it
is the right and duty of slaves to resist their masters, and it is the duty of the North
to incite them to resistance, and aid them in it”

Upon rising, Mr. Wright stated that he should offer the above resolution, after which he hoped that it would be discussed by any one present who chose to do so, and at the close of the meeting it should be voted upon. He also recommended that the audience choose a Chairman, in accordance with which, Mr. D. M Gerry was selected to preside. Mr. W(right) then took the affirmative, and spoke about an hour and forty minutes urging the people of the free States to religiously, politically, socially, domestically and commercially treat the slaveholder as they would a robber, a murderer, or a pirate. He spoke of the recent affair at Harper’s Ferry, eulogizing briefly the leader of that movement and expressing a hope that the meeting would adjourn to the day of the execution of John Brown, when the same hall might be filled to take such views of the fate of that man as they might deem necessary. At the close of his speech, the resolution was again read, and adopted by the audience, the vote however being very small.

Editors Note

The Natick Observer states that the Rev. Wright lectured to an overflowing crowd. The meeting was held in the schoolhouse located in the center of Natick . On page 268 in The Life of Henry Wilson by Thomas Russell and Elias Nason (Boston, 1872) it is stated: “…the question was put, and perhaps fifteen or twenty persons in the meeting of seven or eight hundred, voted for the resolution.”

According to Russell and Nason, Henry Wilson was present but refrained from speaking. It should also be noted that the population of Natick in 1859 was about 5,000.

Cary Holmes
Reference Department
Morse Institute Library
Natick, Massachusetts

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Citations: The Natick Observer November 24, 1859 p. 2

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