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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: First Female Anti-Slavery Society

City: Providence

State: RI

Start date: 1832-07-14

End date: 1832-07-14

Content: In the Liberator, July 14, 1832, Under the column, the Ladies’ Department " It is our privilege, today, to record in our columns an account of the formation of the first ‘Female Anti-Slavery Society’ in New England. We trust it is the forerunner of a ‘‘multitude of similar associations, not only in this but in every other part of the country……………… followed by .......

The ‘Providence Female Anti-Slavery Society’ was organized in this city the 1st of the seventh month, when the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted......... followed by the Preamble and Resolutions
Providence, 7th mo. 3, 1832
(Liberator, July 14, 1832, pg 2)

Notable people involved:

Citations: Liberator, July 14, 1832, pg 2)

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