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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Anti-Slavery Society in Portland

City: Portland

State: ME

Start date: 1833-05-18

End date: 1833-05-18

Content: Announce the formation of an Anti-Slavery Society in Portland, Me.
Comprising some of the most distinguished men in the the state.
Prentiss Mellen, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, is President.

Vice Presidents: Samuel Fessenden, Rev. Gershom F. Cox
Corresponding Secretary: P.H. Greenleaf, Esq.
Recording Secretary: Daniel C. Colesworthy
Treasurer: John Winslow
Counsellors: Bezaleel Cusham, Jonathan Dow, Jamees B. Cahoon,
Henry H. Boody, Seba Smith, Nathan Winslow,
Oliver B. Dorrance

Notable people involved: Hon Prentiss Mellen
Samuel Fessenden
Rev. Gershom F. Cox
P.H. Greenleaf, Esq.
Daniel C. Colesworthy
John Winslow
Bezaleel Cushman
Jonathan Dow
James B.Cahoon
Henry H. Boody
Seba Smith
Nathan Winslow
Oliver B. Dorrance

Citations: Liberator, May 18, 1833, pg 3

ID: 8888888953