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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Female Colored Benevolent Society

City: Troy

State: NY

Start date: 1833-06-29

End date: 1833-06-29

Content: On the 12th of February last, the colored females held a meeting which resulted in the formation of the 'African Female Benevolent Society'. There are 62 members, and the number continues to increase.
Mrs. P. Tuey, President
Mrs. H.B. Rich, Vice President
Mrs. H.P. Dungy, Secretary
Mrs. M. Williams, Treasurer
Directors: Mrs. S. Williams, Mrs. N. Tuey, Mrs. S.Miller, Mrs.P.Knox, Mrs. M.Schuyler

Notable people involved: Mrs. P. Tuey
Mrs. H.B. Rich
Mrs. H.P. Dungy
Mrs. M. Williams
Mrs. S. Williams
Mrs. N. Tuey
Mrs. S. Miller
Mrs. P. Knox
Mrs. M. Schuyler

Citations: Liberator, June 29, 1833, pg 2

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