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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Anti-Slavery Society formed, Oneida Institute

City: Whitestown

State: NY

Start date: 1833-08-08

End date: 1833-08-08

Content: The same mail which brought us the account of the formation of an Anti-Slavery Society in Amherst College, also conveyed to us the cheering news of the formation of a similar association in Oneida Institute. The following is an extract from our correspondent’s letter: -- An Anti-Slavery Society has been formed at this Institution, of a respectable number. The second Article of our constitution is as follows: ‘The object of this Society shall be to endeavor by all means sanctioned by Law, Humanity, and Religion, to effect the immediate abolition of slavery in the United States without expatriation: to improve the character and condition of the free people of color; to inform and correct public opinion in relation to their situation and rights; and obtain for them civil and political rights and privileges, equal with those of the whites.’

Notable people involved:

Citations: Liberator, August 8,1833, pg 1

ID: 8888888959