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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Young Men's Anti-Slavery Association

City: Boston

State: MA

Start date: 1833-08-24

End date: 1833-08-24

It gives us great pleasure to inform our readers, that a new association has been formed in this city, to aid in the diffusion of truth on the subject of slavery. Its objects and plan may be learned from its constitution, which is subjoined.

Constitution, Article 1. This association shall be called the Boston Young Menís Anti-Slavery Association for the Diffusion of Truth.

The following gentlemen have been elected officers for the ensuing year: Rev. Amos Phelps, President; John N. Barbour, Vice President; John Stimpson, Corresponding Secretary; Alfred Norton, Recording Secretary; John Ford, Treasurer; George Loring, J. H. Tenney, John Cutts Smith, and N. Southard, Trustees.
(Liberator, August 24, 1833, pg 3)

Notable people involved: Rev.Amos Phelps
John N. Barbour
John Stimpson
Alfred Norton
John Ford
George Loring
J.H. Tenney
John Cutts Smith

Citations: Liberator, August 24, 1833, pg 3

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