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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Abolition Society in Paint Valley

City: Paint Valley

State: OH

Start date: 1833-10-12

End date: 1833-10-12

The Abolition Society of Paint Valley, Ohio, held its annual meeting, on Wednesday, the 28th of August, 1833, and the following officers were chosen.
George Brown, Esq. President; William Wilson, Esq. Vice President; Adam B. Wilson, Esq., Rec. Sec’ry; Rev. James H. Dickey, Cor. Sec’ry; Mr. Joseph Lawhead, Treasurer

Members of the Executive Committee for Highland County: Rev. Samuel Crothers, Hon. Hugh Smart

For Fayette County: Mr. Hugh Ghormley, Mr. James McConnell

For Ross County: William Smith, Esq., Mr. James C. Steele
1833-10-12, pg

Notable people involved: George Brown, Esq.
William Wilson, Esq.
Adam B. Wilson, Esq.
Rev. James H. Dickey
Joseph Lawhead
Rev. Samuel Crothers
Hon. Hugh Smart
Hugh Ghormley
James McConnell
William Smith, Esq.
James C. Steele

Citations: Liberator, October 12, 1833, pg 4

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