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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Pittsburg Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Pittaburg

State: PA

Start date: 1833-11-02

End date: 1833-11-02

Content: Pittsburg, (Pa.) Oct 12, 1833

Addressed to William Lloyd Garrison:

Sir: I am requested to advise you of the formation recently of the Pittsburg Anti-Slavery Society, and to express to you the wishes of the Society that the fact of its being in operation should be announced in the Liberator……………………………

We are awakening to this momentous subject, and ere long shall give an expression of opinion of sound character on the question of emancipation.
With great respect, your obt. Servt. J. P. Gazzam

(Liberator, November 2, 1833, pg 3)

Notable people involved: J.P. Gazzam

Citations: Liberator, Novemeber 2, 1833, pg 3

ID: 8888888966