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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Plans to form an Anti-Slavery Society

City: Rochester

State: NY

Start date: 1833-12-14

End date: 1833-12-14

Content: From the Rochester (N.Y.) Inquirer


At a meeting of the citizens of Rochester, pursuant to public notice, held at the 3d Presbyterian Church, on Wednesday evening, the 13th B. Colby was called to the Chair, and W.W. Reid was appointed Secretary.

Among the resolutions these were unanimously passed : Resolved That it is expedient at this time, to form ourselves into an Association to promote the immediate abolition of slavery, and that our only weapons shall be ‘light and love’. That a Committee of five be appointed to draft a Constitution for a Society to carry into effect the above resolution. The following gentlemen were appointed by the Chairman: Dr. J.W. Smith, S.W. Patchen, A.G. Hall, Wm. C. Bloss, and W.W. Reid.

Signed B. Colby, Chairman W.W. Reid, Secretary

Notable people involved: B. Colby
Dr. J.W. Smith
S.W. Patchen
Wm.C. Bloss

Citations: Liberator, December 14, 1833, pg 1

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