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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Oneida Institute forms Anti-Slavery Society

City: Whitesboro


Start date: 1833-12-14

End date: 1833-12-14

Content: From the Emancipator Whitesboro’, Oneida Institute, Nov. 5, 1833

This Society shall be called the ‘Anti-Slavery Society of Oneida Institute’

The following officers of the Society: Hiram Foote, President; Amos. M. Stone, Vice President; Isaac B. Headly, Cor. Secretary; Ammon Gaston, Rec. Secretary; Benj. Weber, Treasurer; Chauncey T. Gaston, Philander Barbour, Wm. Smith, Henry H. Loomis, Amos D. Hollister, Directors

Notable people involved: Hiram Foote
Amos. M. Stone
Isaac B. Headly
Ammon Gaston
Benj. Weber
Chauncey T. Gaston
Philander Barbour
Wm. Smith
Henry H. Loomis
Amos D. Hollister

Citations: Liberator, December 14, 1833, pg 2

ID: 8888888969