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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Amesbury Mills

State: MA

Start date: 1833-12-21

End date: 1833-12-21

Content: Amesbury Mills, (Mass.) Dec. 23, 1833

On Thursday evening, the 19th inst. an adjourned meeting of the friends of abolition, was holden in this place, at which a Constitution, prepared by a committee previously appointed, was read and accepted.

Officers chosen: Jonathan A. Sargeant, President; Robert Story, Vice-President; Robert Scott, Treasurer; Benjamin Brierly, Secretary; James Taylor, John McGarvey, Samuel Fielder, Prudential Committee.
(Liberator, December 21, 1833, pg 4) Add this to visualized

Notable people involved: Johnathan A. Sargeant
Robert Story
Robert Scott
Benjamin Brierly
James Taylor
John McGarvey
Samuel Fielder

Citations: Liberator December 21, 1833,pg 4

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