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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Pawtucket Anti-Slavery Society

City: Pawtucket

State: RI

Start date: 1834-02-22

End date:

Content: At a meeting of the citizens of Pawtucket friendly to the formation of an Anti-Slavery Society, held at the Baptist Vestry, on Friday the 10th of Jan, 1834, Joseph Healy, was appointed Chairman and Joseph Wisson, Secretary….. A Preamble and Constitution were adopted ….

A committee was adopted to obtain signatures to the Constitution and nominate officers for the Society….

At an adjourned meeting the following gentlemen were elected officers: President – John Blain; Vice President – Samuel Foster; Treasurer – Joseph Healy; Corresponding Secretary – Ray Potter; Recording Secretary – Joseph Wisson; Counsellors - N. H., Ingraham, Edward Mason, Joseph Wood, Joseph Arnold, Jonathan Cole, George W. Walker, Isaac Collyer, Wm. P. Henry and Wm. Adams

(Liberator, February 22,1834 pg. 2)

Notable people involved: John Blain
Samuel Foster
Joseph Healy
Ray Potter
Joseph Wisson
Edward Mason
Joseph Wood
Joseph Arnold
Jonathan Cole
George W. Walker
Isaac Collyer
Wm. P. Henry
Wm. Adams

Citations: Liberator Feb 22, 1834,pg 2

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