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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Anti-Slavery Society formed in Vermont

City: Danville

State: ME

Start date: 1834-03-24

End date: 1834-03-24

Content: From the Vermont North Star

At a meeting of a respectable number of the inhabitants of Danville, to consider the cause of the oppressed, March 24, 1834, an Anti-Slavery Society was organized by the adoption of a Constitution.

Officers chosen: Elder Isaac D. Newell, President, Amos Clement, Esq., Dr. Olney Fuller, and Elder Lewis Fisher, Vice Presidents, and Dr. Samuel Collins, Secretary. Samuel Collins, Secretary

(Liberator, April 12, 1834,pg 1)

Notable people involved: Elder Isaac D. Newell
Amos Clement, Esq.
Dr. Olney Fuller
Elder Lewis Fisher
Dr. Samuel Collins

Citations: Liberator, April 12, 1834, pg 1

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