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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Female Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Philadelphia

State: PA

Start date: 1833-12-14

End date: 1833-12-14

Content: Constitution of the Female Anti-Slavery Society of Philadelphia, Adopted 12th mo 14th, 1833......

Officers : Esther Moore, Presiding Officer; Lucretia Mott, Corresponding Secretary; Margaret Forten, Recording Sec.; Ann Bunting, Treasurer; Lydia White, Librarian.

(Liberator, April 19, 1834, pg 1)

Notable people involved: Esther Moore
Lucretia Mott
Margaret Forten
Ann Bunting
Lydia White

Citations: Liberator, April 19, 1834, pg1

ID: 8888888986