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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Waltham

State: MA

Start date: 1834-04-07

End date: 1834-04-07

Content: Waltham Anti-Slavery Society

At a meeting of the friends of the abolition of slavery in Waltham, on Jan 20th,, the subject was discussed, and on Feb. 11th a Constitution approved. On March 23rd sixty names were added to the membership.

The Officers are: Dr. George Mansfield, President; Lewis Smith, Vice President, George A. Williams, Secretary, James D. White, Emery Bemis, and Benjamin Moore, Executive Committee. Three columns describe several meetings, and discussion about abolition and colonization, culminating in an April 7 meeting forming of the Society, by a committee consisting of Samuel Foster, J.E. Cheney, Ethan Davis, S.A. Greenwood, Charles White, Samuel Damon, Samuel Stratton, and T. J. Davis

(Liberator, April 26, 1834, pg 2);

Notable people involved: Dr. George Mansfield
Lewis Smith
George A. Williams
James D.White
Emery Bemis
Benjamin Moore
Samuel Foster
J.E. Cheney
Ethan Davis
S.A. Greenwood
Charles White
Samuel Damon
Samuel Stratton
T.J. Davis

Citations: Liberator, April 26, 1834, pg 2

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