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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Vermont Counties

City: Several towns

State: VT

Start date: 1834-05-01

End date: 1834-05-01

Content: Vermont Anti-Slavery Society Thursday, May 1, 1834

Officers: President: John Ide, Waterbury Vice Presidents: Samuel C. Crafts, Craftsbury, Jonathan P. Miller, Montpelier, Elisha Bascom, Shorham, Augustine Clarke, Danville, James Milligan, Rygate, R.T. Robinson, Ferrisburg, George B. Ide, Brandon Board of Managers: S.M Wilson, E.E. Barber, W. Walker, P. B. Fisk, Henry Jones, Amos Clement, Isaac Wescott, Thomas Marshall, Oliver J. Eels, James Ballard, Ithamer Smith, Samuel Cotting Recording Secretary: Chauncey L. Knapp, Montpelier; Corresponding Secretary: Orson S. Murray, Orwell; Treasuer: Edward H. Prentiss, Montpelier

(Liberator, May 17, 1834, pg 1

Notable people involved: John Ide
Samuel C. Crafts
Jonathan P. Miller
Elisha Bascom
Augustine Clarke
James Milligan
George B. Ide
S.M. Wilson
P.B. Fisk
Henry Jones
Amos Clement
Isaac Wescott
Thomas Marshall
Oliver J. Eels
James Ballard
Ithamer Smith
Samuel Cotting
Chauncey L.Knapp
Orson S.Murray
Edward H. Prentiss

Citations: Liberator, May 17, 1834, pg 1

ID: 8888888995