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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Female Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Brooklyn

State: CT

Start date: 1834-08-16

End date: 1834-08-16

Content: Female Anti-Slavery Society in Brooklyn and Vicinity

From the Brooklyn (Ct.) Unionist

Twenty two ladies adopted a Constitution and then subscribed their names as members of the Society, and made choice of the following Officers:
President, Mrs. Herbert Williams.
Vice President, Mrs. Marian W. Lyon.
Miss Mary Burleigh, Secretary,
Miss Sarah Benson, Treasurer,
Miss Lucretia Lee, Librarian
Managers: Mrs. Syrena Sharpe, Miss Martha Smith, Mrs. Louisa Williams, Miss Olive Gilbert, Miss Martha E. Williams, Miss Elizabeth Mather

Liberator August 16, 1834, pg 4)

Notable people involved: Mrs. Herbert Williams
Mrs. Marian W. Lyon
Miss Mary Burleigh
Miss Sarah Benson
Miss Lucretia Lee
Mrs. Syrena Sharpe
Miss Martha Smith
Mrs. Louisa Williams
Miss Olive Gilbert
Miss Martha E. Williams
Miss Elizabeth Mather

Citations: Liberator, August 16, 1834,pg 4)

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