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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Female Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Sudbury


Start date: 1834-09-28

End date: 1834-09-28

Content: Adopted a Constitution of the Sudbury Female Anti-Slavery Society.

Officers for the Ensuing Year:
Mrs. Ruth Smith, President; Mrs. Cynthia R. Goodnough, Vice President;
Mrs. Lucy B. Browne, Treasurer; Miss Mary Rice, Corresponding Secretary; Miss Emeline Cutting, Recording Secretary;

Committee: Miss Lucy Browne, Miss Harriet Browne, Miss Mary Balcour,
Miss Abigail Carr, Mrs. Lucy S. Cutter, Mrs. Caroline Richardson, Mrs. Polly Browne, Miss Mary Rice
Sudbury, Sept 28, 1834

Liberator Nov 15, 1834, pg 1,

Notable people involved: Mrs. Ruth Smith
Mrs. Cynthia R. Goodnough
Mrs. Lucy B. Browne
Miss Mary Rice
Miss Emeline Cutting
Miss Lucy Browne
Miss Harriet Browne
Miss Mary Balcour
Miss Abigail Carr
Mrs. Lucy S. Cutter
Mrs. Caroline Richardson
Mrs. Polly Browne
Miss Mary Rice

Citations: Liberator, Nov 15, 1834, pg 1

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