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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Brooklyn

State: CT

Start date: 1835-04-11

End date: 18350-04-11

Content: Brooklyn, Ct., March 31, 1835 Mr. Garrison: It is with peculiar pleasure that I announce to you the formation of an Anti-Slavery Society in this place.

The Society shall be called the Brooklyn Anti-Slavery Society, Auxiliary to the Windham County Anti-Slavery Society

The following officers were chosen: Abijah Bigelow, Esq., President; Rev. Thomas Huntington, Vice President; Herbert Williams, Esq., Cor. Secretary; James B. Whitcomb, Recording Secretary; Edwin Cady, Treasurer. Signed by James Whitcomb

(Liberator, April 11, 1835, pg 2

Notable people involved: Abijah Bigelow, Esq
Rev.Thomas Huntington
Herbert Williams, Esq
James B. Whitcomb
Edwin Cady

Citations: Liberator, April 11, 1835, pg 2

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