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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Ladies Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Povidence

State: RI

Start date: 1835-04-15

End date: 1835-04-15

Content: Providence, April 15, 1835 Mr. W. Lloyd Garrison:
Dear Sir, -- Agreeably to previous notice, George Thompson addressed a numerous meeting of ladies of this city…. Preparatory to the formation of a Providence Ladies Anti-Slavery Society.

The annexed Constitution was adopted and signed by ONE HUNDRED AND SIX Ladies.

The following Ladies were appointed officers for the ensuing year: Mrs. Lucy Blain, First Directress; Mrs. Williams, Second do.; Mrs. Sarah R. Simonson, Third do. Miss Anna Lockwood, Corresponding Sec; Miss Mary C. Goss, Recoding Sec.; Mrs. Harriet L. Truesdell, Treasurer Managers: Mrs. Lydia Brown, Mrs. E. H. Cowell, Mrs. Rachel W. Healy, Mrs. Catherine Benson, Miss Abby Thurber, Mrs. Lydia Cady, Miss Eliza R. Little, Miss M. Farnum, Miss Eliza L. Reed, Miss Sally M. Goddard, Mrs. Abigail Fuller, Miss Fanny Paine, Mrs. Eliza S. Chace

(Liberator, April 18, 1835, p 3)

Notable people involved: Mrs. Lucy Blain
Mrs. Williams
Mrs. Sarah R. Simonson
Miss Anna Lockwood
Miss Mary C. Goss
Mrs. Harriet L. Truesdell
Mrs. Lydia Brown
Mrs. E. H.Cowell
Mrs. Rachel W. Healy
Mrs. Catherine Benson
Miss Abby Thurber
Mrs. Lydia Cady
Miss Eliza R. Little
Miss M. Farnum
Miss Eliza L. Reed
Miss Sally M. Goddard
Mrs. Abigail Fuller
Miss Fanny Paine
Mrs. Eliza S.Chace

Citations: Liberator,April 18,1835,pg3

ID: 8888889014