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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Mount Desert

State: ME

Start date: 1835-02-19

End date: 1835-02-19

Content: Mount Desert, (Me), May 3, 1835

Mr. Garrison: It is made my duty to inform you of the formation of an ďAnti-Slavery Society in this place. On the 19th of Feb. the inhabitants of the western part of this town met and formed the Mount Desert Anti-Slavery Society, auxiliary to the Maine Anti-Slavery Society.

The Officers are: Simeon Milliken, Esq., President;
Wm. Heath Jr., Elisha Billings, Vice Presidents;
Abel Billings, Rec. Secretary;
Rev. C. L. Carey, A. C. Milliken,Cor. Secretaries;
Alfred Harper, Treasurer; William OBea, Librarian;
Directors: Barnard Rumill, George Butler, Jacob Sawyer, Thomas Heath, John Billings.

(Liberator June 6, 1835, pg 2)

Notable people involved: Simeon Milliken
Wm. Heath,Jr.
Elisha Billings
Abel Billings
Rev. C. L. Carey
A.C. Milliken
Alfred Harper
William OBea
Barnard Rumill
George Butler
Jacob Sawyer
Thomas Heath
John Billings

Citations: Liberator, June 6, 1835, pg 2

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