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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Male and Female Societies formed

City: Boxborough

State: MA

Start date: 1835-06-03

End date: 1835-06-03

Content: Boxborough, June 3, 1835

Dear Sir – We have just formed a male and female Anti-Slavery Society in this place; the former will probably number 60 members, and the latter more than 100.

The following are the Officers:
Male Society: President – Dea. Paul Hayward, Vice President – Mr. Jasper Stone, Secretary – Samuel Hayward, Esq., Treasurer--Joel Whitcomb, Esq. ,
Counsellors: Rev. Joseph W. Cross, Mr. Ephraim Willy, William Stevens, Ebenezer Hayward, Capt. Ephraim Whitcomb

Female Society: President – Mrs. Paul Hayward
Vice President – Mrs. Fsrances H. J. Cross
Secretary – Mrs. Ebenezer Hayward
Treasurer – Mrs. Ephraim Whitcomb
Collectors: Mrs. Oliver Davis, Miss Sarah H. Graham, Miss Hannah W. Hayward

Yours, in behalf of the enslaved, JOS. WARREN CROSS

(Liberator, June 6, 1835, pg 2)

Notable people involved: Dea. Paul Hayward
Jasper Stone
Samuel Hayward, Esq.
Joel Whitcomb, Esq.
Rev. Joseph Cross
Ephraim Willy
William Stevens
Ebenezer Hayward
Ephraim Whitcomb
Mrs. Paul Hayward
Mrs. Frances H.J.Cross
Mrs. Ebenezer Hayward
Mrs. Ephraim Whitcomb
Mrs. Olive Davis
Miss Sarah H. Graham
Miss Hannah W.Hayward

Citations: Liberator, June 6, 1835, pg 2

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