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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Anti-Slavery Society formed by Young Men

City: Princeton

State: NJ

Start date: 1835-07-30

End date: 1835-07-30

Content: Princeton, N.J. July 30, 1835

Respected Sir: A number of young men, attached to the literary institution at this place, who have for some time had their minds awakened to the subject of Slavery, as a moral and political evil, met a few evenings since and adopted the following resolutions:

Resolved. That this Society be called the Princeton, New Jersey, Young Men’s Anti-Slavery Society

Very respectfully, Your obedient servants, Committee:

William H. Hilliard, David Jones, Paul Blount

(Liberator, August 8, 1835,pg 2)

Notable people involved: William H. Hilliard
David Jones
Paul Blount

Citations: Liberator, August 8, 1835, pg 2

ID: 8888889018