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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: A County Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Gilmanton, Strafford County

State: NH

Start date: 1836-05-07

End date: 1836=05=07


A meeting to form an Anti-Slavery Society for the County in Strafford in New Hampshire, convened at Gilmanton on the 27th ult.

Forty-one delegates were present,representing fifteen towns.

Officers: President – Asa Freeman, Esq.
Vice Presidents – Rev. Mr. Scott, Jonathan Clarke, Esq., Rev. Enoch Place, Rev. J.D. Quimby, Rev. Jared Perkins

Executive Committee: Rev. David Root, Simon Chase, Enoch Mack, Thomas Beach, William Burr , John A. Richards, Esq., Rev. E. Goodell

The Society voted to establish a depository for anti-slavery publications at Dover.

(Liberator, May 7, 1836, pg2)

Notable people involved: Asa Freeman
Rev. Mr. Scott
Jonathan Clarke, Esq.
Rev. Enoch Place
Rev. J.D.Quimby
Rev. Jared Perkins
Rev. David Root
Simon Chase
Enoch Mack
Tomas Beach
William Burrr
John A.Richards,Esq.
Rev. E. Goodell

Citations: Liberator, May 7,1836, pg 2

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