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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Female Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: East Bridgewater

State: MA

Start date: 1838-04-23

End date: 1838-04-23

Content: Female Anti-Slavery Society formed, April 23, 1838

The Officers chosen, at the formation of the Society:
President, Mrs. Abigail Sanford; Vice-President, Mrs. Abigail Whitman; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. S. P. Ryder,
Recording Secretary, Mrs. Ruth S. Grover, Treasurer, Mrs. S. L. Richards,
Counsellors: Mrs. S. Souls, Mrs. O. Shaw, Mrs. H.R. McLaughlin, Mrs. L. Howard, Miss B. Richards Thos. P. Ryder, East Bridgewater, April 23d, 1838

(Liberator, May 18, 1838, pg 3)

Notable people involved: Mrs. Abigail Sanford
Mrs. Abigail Whitman
Mrs. S. P. Ryder
Mrs. Ruth S. Grover
Mrs. S. L. Richards
Mrs. S. Souls
Mrs. O. Shaw
Mrs. H. R. McLaughlin
Mrs. L. Howard
Miss B. Richards
Thos. P. Ryder

Citations: Liberator May 18, 1838, pg 3

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