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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: New Societies in Massachusetts

City: Gloucester, Middleton, Barnstabl

State: MA

Start date: 1838-10-12

End date: 1838-10-12

Content: New Societies An Anti-Slavery Society has been organized in Gloucester, (West Parish) -- Thomas Haskell, President; William H. Haskell, Vice President; Sarah C. Haskell, Secretary and Librarian; Hehitabel Haskell, Treasurer; Henry Haskell, Elizabeth Haskell, and Mrs. Wm. Haskell, Counsellors. The Society has about 30 members.

A Society has been formed in Middleton, (Essex Co) Dea. David Stiles, President; Samuel Russell, Vice President; Freeman Stiles, Corresponding Secretary; Elisha Wilkins, Recording Secretary; David Stiles,Jr, Treasurer; Lewis Tyler, Jasper Richarson, Benjamin Hutchinson, Directors; Mrs. David W

A Society has also been formed in Barnstable. Loring Crocker, Jr. President; Jabez Nye, Vice President; Josiah Litch, Secretary; Freeman Howland, Treasurer

(Liberator, October 12, 1838,pg 3)

Notable people involved: Thomas Haskell
William H. Haskell
Sarah C. Haskell
Hehitabel Haskell
Henry Haskell
Elizabeth Haskell
Wm. Haskell
Dea. David Stiles
Samuel Russell
Freeman Stiles
Elisha Wilkins
David Stiles, Jr.
Lewis Tyler,
Jasper Richardson
Benjamin Hutchinson
Mrs. David Stiles, Jr
Loring Crocker
Jabez Nye
Josiah Litch
Freeman Howland

Citations: Liberator, Oct 12, 1838, pg 3

ID: 8888889085