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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: A Female Anti-Slavery Society

City: Stoneham

State: MA

Start date: 1838--06-20

End date: 1838-06-20

Content: Abolition in Stoneham A Female Anti-Slavery Society was organized in Stoneham, June 20th, 1838

President: Mrs. Sarah Gerry Vice President: Miss Sally Richardson Corresponding Secretary: Miss Mary Newhall Recording Secretary: Paulina Gerry Counsellors: Mrs. Levina Bryant, Mrs. Nancy Hill , Mrs. Rhoda F. Richardson, Mrs. Polly Willey, Mrs. Prudence Lynde.

Members of the Society twenty-seven

(Liberator, Feb 8, 1839, pg 2)

Notable people involved: Mrs. Sarah Gerry
Miss Sally Richardson
Miss Nary Newhall
Paulina Gerry
Mrs. Levina Bryant
Mrs. Nancy Hill
Mrs. Rhoda F. Richardson
Mrs. Polly Willey
Mrs. Prudence Lynde

Citations: Liberator, Feb 8, 1839, pg 2

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