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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Westboro

State: MA

Start date: 1839-09-03

End date: 1839-09-03

Content: New Society in Westboro

A meeting of the abolitionists of Westboro was held Sept.3, for the purpose of forming an Anti-Slavery Society.

The following were chosen officers of the Society:
President, Capt. Otis Brigham Vice Presidents, Dea. William Cheever, Dea. Jonathan Forbes
Secretary, M. M. Fisher Treasurer, C.B. Parkman
Committee, Capt. Daniel Chamberlain, Capt. Elmer Brigham, Abijah Wood, H. O. Fay, Philo Clapp

(Liberator, Sept 27, 1839, pg 4)

Notable people involved: Capt. Otis Brigham
Dea. William Cheever
Dea. Jonathan Forbes
C. B.Parkman
Capt. Daniel Chamberlain
Capt. Elmer Brigham
Abijah Wood
H.O. Fay
Philo Clapp

Citations: Liberator, Sept 27,1839, pg 4

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