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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: New County Society to include women

City: Nantucket

State: MA

Start date: 1839-06-28

End date: 1839-06-28


Nantucket, 10th mo. 5th, William Lloyd Garrison:
Respected Friend --- Agreeably with a vote passed at a meeting of the abolitionists of Nantucket, held on the 28th of 6th mo, I transmit for publication in the Liberator, a report of the formation of a new County Anti-Slavery Society in the place. It has not sympathy, as will be seen, with that narrow, proscriptive spirit, which would exclude women from the free exercise of their rights and privileges, as members of anti-slavery society. …… it was thought expedient to resolve the County Anti-Slavery Society, which comprised nearly three hundred members, (many of who were merely nominal abolitionists, and as such, rather retarded , than facilitated the progress of the cause,) and the Women’s Anti-Slavery Society, into one organization.

The following persons were appointed officers: President, David Joy; Vice Presidents, Eliza Barney, Peter Macy, Alexander Robinson, and Elizabeth G. Macy; Corresponding Secretary, Andrew M. Macy, Recording Secretary, Anna Gardner, Treasurer, Oliver C. Gardner;

Executive Committee, David Huntington, Susan Dow, Edward I. Pompey, Eunice C. Macy and Charlotte Austin. As yet only fifty names have been appended to the constitution. A new impulse seems to have been given to the cause among us; …… much more will be done through this instrumentality for its promotion during the coming year. Anna Garnder, Rec.Sec.

(Liberator, Dec. 6, 1839, pg2)

Notable people involved: David Joy
Eliza Barney
Peter Macy
Alexander Robinson
Elizabeth G. Macy
Andrew M. Macy
Anna Gardner
Oliver C. Gardner
David Huntington
Susan Dow
Edward I. Pompey
Eunice C. Macy
Charlotte Austin

Citations: Liberator, Dec. 6, 1839, pg 2

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